For a variety of industrial companies that produce tangible goods, cleaning the machinery can be a challenge.

Luckily, dry ice blasting presents a practical approach to cleaning without the usual costs and complications of tradition cleaning methods. Typically, water blasting, sandblasting, soda blasting, and even cleaning by hand with solvents can all be toxic. Dry ice blasting has often been referred to as a greener method.

There are many benefits to dry ice cleaning machines besides its non-toxicity.

Dry ice blasting provides a cleaning solution that is extremely efficient. When cleaning by hand, the process takes much longer and requires the disassembly of the machine. With dry ice blasting, you can have a factory finish with little effort, fewer costs, and in half the time.

No Secondary Waste
With the majority of cleaning processes, taking the time and energy to clean up after the initial cleaning process can be less pleasant than the actual cleaning. Dry ice blasting doesn’t create any post-cleaning waste. The dry ice pellets dissipate upon contact with the machinery, giving you a thoroughly cleaned product and none of the work that usually comes with it, such as cleaning up.

Safe for Products
When cleaning machinery, which has exposed circuitry or other electrical components, there is the chance that they won’t respond well to water. Dry ice turns into a gas, specifically carbon dioxide, as soon as it comes into contact with the machine which is safe for electrical components and other aspects that aren’t water-friendly.

Doesn’t Damage the Machines
Even manual cleaning with a wire brush can begin to wear down the surface of the machine, and other methods are equally abrasive. Dry ice blasting doesn’t create any wear or tear on the surface of the machines, and therefore last longer without replacement or repair.

Since the dry ice pellets dissolve on impact and don’t create any secondary waste, it makes it an environmentally sustainable cleaning method. The carbon dioxide produced is a natural trace gas and makes up 0.05% of the Earth’s atmosphere. There isn’t any runoff from sand or contaminated water and no harsh chemicals are used in the process. Not only is the environment unaffected, the employees are too since they longer do they have to use toxic chemicals to clean the machines.

Dry ice blasting is an efficient, effective, and environmentally-safe method for every tangible goods-producing industry.

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