The last article talked about some uses for dry ice throughout a variety of industries.

Among other things, dry ice is used for accelerating plant growth, rapidly cooling asphalt, keeping refrigerated items cool in the case of a broken fridge/freezer, as an industrial cleaning solution via dry ice blasting, and as a form of relief for chemotherapy patients.

In this article, we’ll cover more applications for dry ice.

Containment Tanks
When placed inside a flammable containment tank, dry ice (which is solid CO2) will remove the oxygen from the air which reduces the risk of explosion due to combustible vapors sparking.

Fishing and Hunting
You’re five miles from shore in a fishing boat, and you reel in the greatest catch of your entire life. Now you either race back to shore in the heat, hoping not to spoil your catch, or you try to throw it on some ice you were using to keep your beers cold and keep fishing. The better option is to pack some dry ice on your trip and use that to keep your catch from spoiling during transportation. Same goes for that 10-point buck you took down, too.

Mosquito Repellent
If you thought citronella candles and bug spray works well enough, wait until you use dry ice. Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide, that’s how they find their next meal. Every time humans or animals exhale, a small amount of CO2 is produced, which is like the bat signal for mosquitoes. Dry ice, which sublimates to a gas, is 100% pure carbon dioxide. So, if you put a few pounds of dry ice away from where people are, the mosquitoes will head straight for the pile of dry ice and leave everyone else alone.

Medical Uses
There are a number of applications in the medical field for dry ice. Doctors will commonly use it to remove warts and other blemishes, but it can also be used for transporting emergency medical supplies and samples.

However, if you’re in an industry that produces tangible goods, then you would most likely reference dry ice as a cleaning solution. Dry ice blasting, which uses compressed air around 80-90 PSI to blast dry ice pellets to remove contaminants from surfaces, is a non-abrasive media that provides an environmentally sustainable cleaning solution. If your equipment needs to be cleaned, then dry ice blasting is the way to go.

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