Finding a cleaning solution to suit your needs can be very tricky. Depending on what or where you’re cleaning, you may be limited by the kinds of methods at your disposal. Where people typically will use pressure washing to remove grime or sand blasting to break up machine buildup, those methods are often damaging to the parts you are trying to clean. and using water or sand can leave a mess behind, forcing you to clean up your cleaning materials. Utilizing dry ice blasting allows you to skip the mess, and clean difficult equipment right in place. Patented in 1955, co2 blasting is when you take fine particles of dry ice and blast them at a high velocity onto the surface you are cleaning.

Dry ice blasting is an environmentally sustainable cleaning method. The co2 is a natural part of the atmosphere and sublimates back into the atmosphere when it reaches air temperature. Because it is non-abrasive, dry ice blasting doesn’t damage your materials or score metal. Leaving a clean polished surface when its done. As a cleaning solution, dry ice blasting can save down time on machines because they can be cleaned while still in operation.

What You Can Clean With Ice Blasting:

    1. Asphalt
    2. Adhesive Residue
    3. Decals
    4. Car Parts
    5. Machine Parts
    6. Resin
    7. Grease
    8. Soot
    9. Labels
    10. Surface Dust
    11. Tar
    12. Smoke
    13. Baking Sheets
    14. Industrial Ovens
    15. Robotics
    16. Fire Damage
    17. Circuit Boards
    18. Electrical Panels
    19. Graffiti
    20. Heating and Cooling Systems
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