What is ice blasting?

That’s the question that many people in countless industries find themselves asking. It’s a phrase that is tossed around quite often and yet so many are still unaware of its implications or benefits. Essentially, dry ice blasting, otherwise known as CO2 blasting, is a cleaning solution that uses compressed air to “blast” dry ice pellets at the surface being cleaned. The system relies on temperature to disrupt the contaminants and remove them from the surface.

What is ice blasting capable of?

That’s the other question that plagues the minds of people who produce tangible goods or operate industrial machinery. That question can be answered by looking at the various applications within multiple industries that dry ice blast cleaning can prove to be beneficial.


There are various materials that will build up inside a mold that will make the quality of the mold deteriorate quickly. Dry ice blasting can be used to remove those materials from the molds or tools while the mold is still hot, and therefore reduces downtime for cleaning. Moreover, since CO2 blasting uses a non-abrasive media (dry ice) which doesn’t cause premature wear on the molds or tools.


The terms “die” and “mold” are often interchangeable but there really is no difference when it comes to how effective dry ice blasting is. Dry ice blasting can remove an array of unwanted materials with relative ease and increased efficiency. Some examples are aluminum foundries, core boxes, and paper plate manufacturers.

Food Industry

Because dry ice blasting is inherently safe and doesn’t use any harsh chemicals to clean surfaces, it presents an ideal cleaning method for those in the food industry. Residual sugars and baking materials left over after cooking has been completed can be difficult to remove by other means and can take more time to do so. Additionally, dry ice blasting can effectively remove harmful substances such as bacteria and will actually inhibit bacteria growth. The Center for Disease Control estimates that one in six Americans falls ill from consuming contaminated food or beverages each year. Cleaning eating and prep surfaces via dry ice blasting can help reduce that statistic.

There are numerous other applications in which dry ice blasting is currently used. The printing industry, for example, is a large proponent of the dry ice cleaning. So, if you’re in need of an environmentally sustainable cleaning solution, give Interstate Carbonic Enterprises a call today.

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